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Hey Kids, It’s Speculation Time!

See that image above? That’s a magical place of wonder known to us normal people as San Jose. But to the tech industry, that there is Silicon Valley. The land of microchips, software, fruit-powered laptops, and crazy people who’s names

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Bloomberg: New iPhone Coming With Bigger Screen, Closely Developed With Steve Jobs

No, the concept image above isn’t real. However, it could be. Apple is said by Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal to be finalizing a new iPhone design with a larger display, possibly for release during this year’s WWDC 2012 conference. The

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The US Department of Justice Says You Can Record Angry Cops

Have you ever been subject to police brutality? Although it probably wasn’t Apartheid-related, the fact of the matter is, this sort of thing happens everywhere. It’s always been an issue in my country tis of thee, the land of lady liberty,

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Dear Dell, Your Customer Service Sucks

I don’t tend to bitch about companies I don’t like (because I really don’t hate any company, except for DHL delivery). However, I’m going to make an exception today for a special piece of crap I feel that I need

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TheTechTile 15.0

Yeah, I’m sure you get the joke above. If you’ve been reading this site for enough time, you’d know that the format changes ALL THE TIME. Why is that? Because here, we like to experiment. And unfortunately, there aren’t many

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Microsoft is Bringing the Full Internet Explorer to Xbox 360

What? Yes, it’s true. Microsoft is prepared to pair their Xbox 360 console with a Kinect, and few controllers, Netflix, Facebook, Hulu Plus, and now… Internet Explorer. Although the 360 already utilizes Bing Voice Search, this new addition will change

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Is Micron Prepping DDR4 RAM Modules for Late 2012?

Yeah you read the above correctly. It appears that Micron is sending samples to clients to test out the new performance. DDR3 showed massive speed increases but DDR4 plans to wipe the board clean. Micron’s new DDR4 stick is estimating

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