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A New Service: Bungie Aerospace

Bungie finally unveiled it’s new venture, Aerospace. No, it’s not a new game or even one game per say. It’s a project created by Bungie to help mobile/social gaming developers launch great titles through financial, PR/Marketing, Community and Testing support. By doing

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Vile, Offensive, Overly Easy: The Duke Nukem Forever Review

The following article has been reposted from my old Blogspot account as it has accumulated a significant level of popularity and needs to be read by as many Duke fans as possible.  Ever since the beginning of gaming there has always a

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From Desk To Pocket: A major shift in computing

The computing world is by far one of the fastest shifting industries in the entire planet. It seems as if every two or three years, technology makes another giant leap forward in terms of speed, functionality and compatibility. One of

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Rant: Brown v. EMA, an opinion gone too far

The video game rating system established by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) has been in play for seventeen years now, controlling the way parents buy games and the ways stores can sell them. One the main figures behind this

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A Blast From The Past: The Half-Life Series Review

This week, instead of reviewing something new or going too far back in the past to review an old favorite, I’d like to take everybody back to a simpler time. Back to when the internet was still blossoming, when Clinton

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