TheTechTile 15.0

Yeah, I’m sure you get the joke above. If you’ve been reading this site for enough time, you’d know that the format changes ALL THE TIME. Why is that? Because here, we like to experiment. And unfortunately, there aren’t many good designs for a tech website. Well, until now. Now we found it. The New TechTile. The future of short and long form tech journalism. The best weekly geeky site on the net. And now, it looks amazing!

But seriously, myself and the rest of the website’s design staff would like to apologize for the new look being a new thing all the time, everyday. It sucks, I know. But now, we have something we REALLY like. That looks REALLY good. That we REALLY think you’ll like to. And if you don’t? Too bad.


The man who runs this place. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a tech junkie- dedicated to reading and writing on technology news every second of my life. When I'm not alive you say? Well, I'll be either reading, listening to the wise words of Bob Dylan or sipping down an ice cold Coca-Cola.

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One comment on “TheTechTile 15.0
  1. J. Perse says:

    Great job kid, keep it up.

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