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PCWorld Exits Print, and the Era of Computer Magazines Ends

Originally posted on Tech:
The news isn’t shocking. In fact, it’s sort of a shock it didn’t happen several years ago. After slightly more than thirty years in print, PCWorld magazine is ceasing publication, effective with the current issue, to…

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Learning Code? Try Codeacademy! (Lightening Review)

Introduction: There has been an incredible push by school districts and by organizations such as the ever-popular┬áto get anybody and everybody to learn how to code. Be it HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby… it’s there, and you can learn

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Chrome OS App of the Day: Blackboard

If you’re any kind of tutor, or if you like to get your art on, this is the best app available right now for Chrome/Chrome OS! Blackboard provides anyone with the chrome browser (or any browser) with an awesome way

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My New Blogging Project

Introduction: In case none of you have come to figure this out yet, I have gone gun-ho on Chrome OS, namely, the Chromebook. I have replaced my broken machines with two Chromebooks: one provided to me by my High School

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Acer C7 Chromebook Lightning Review (4 GB of RAM)

What is it? This is the latest update to Acer’s line of Google Chromebooks, running Google’s own Chrome OS- a super light, super fast, and very focused operating environment that brings web apps and the best browser available to the

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How Google Chromebooks Replaced My Need for a Traditional Laptop

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you’d know that I was one of the thousands of early Chromebook adopters, being sent one of Google’s Cr-48 laptops back in December of 2010. I’ve also used many of these

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