Bloomberg: New iPhone Coming With Bigger Screen, Closely Developed With Steve Jobs

No, the concept image above isn’t real. However, it could be. Apple is said by Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal to be finalizing a new iPhone design with a larger display, possibly for release during this year’s WWDC 2012 conference. The new iPhone is also said to have been developed by the late Steve Jobs before his passing. Remember, it was said that Steve Jobs’ work is supposed to last with Apple for at least twenty years in the future.

The current iPhone has a 3.5 inch display- which is subpar in comparison to the many 4+ inch Android devices on the market as of now. Also, it’s worthy to mention that Apple’s iPhone 4s is not that big of an upgrade from the iPhone 4- which really makes one expect an iPhone 5 this summer. Although we can’t prejudge anything, it will be interesting to see how Apple delivers a new iPhone to the smartphone market. It always is.

Source Bloomberg 


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