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The Most Interesting Video on the Internet, Now Featuring Unicorns

It’s not everyday you’re fortunate enough to see an image this hilarious, now is it? We here at The TechTile, have come across a very interesting little video that we simply couldn’t help but share with you, our dear readers. The

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Nintendo 3DS Price Drop, $250 to $169, Free Games for Early Adopters

Nintendo finally pulled their competitive heads into the play field with a HUGE price drop on the Nintendo 3DS- from $250 to $169. That’s eighty bucks off, give or take- leaving that gap as room for you to splurge yourself

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Editorial: Microsoft’s Marketing Backfire

No matter what the field, be it technology, foodservice, media, or even economic strategy, there are two kinds of companies that grow quickly and frequently overtake each other: the pioneers and those who learn from the ruinous mistakes of those

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“This is Hogwash”- WSJ’s Accusations, Bad Timing on Apple CEO Successor

Due to an inconsistency of interesting tech news lately, I figured it was about time I threw this article out there, since it not only pertains to the media/corporate vibe right now, but also to our industry as a whole. The Wall

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Games to Play Before You Die: Halo Combat Evolved

If you didn’t see this one coming… well, shame on you. Perhaps one of the best and most influential first person shooters of the 00’s is Halo: Combat Evolved. As the title suggests, HCE was very different from “competing” titles.

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One Million Downloads Later…

Oh, you didn’t catch the hype? Apple’s OS X (no longer “Mac” OS X) has passed the million download mark… in the first day. Unfortunately, we here at The TechTile, are unable to upgrade to OS X Lion until we

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Roku Launches New Media Players, Angry Birds on Your TV

In case the cheap classic Netflix box wasn’t enough for you, there’s an upgrade that might be. The new Roku 2 HD, XD, and XS are official at the following prices: $60 USD for the HD, $80 USD for the

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