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How Google Chromebooks Replaced My Need for a Traditional Laptop

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you’d know that I was one of the thousands of early Chromebook adopters, being sent one of Google’s Cr-48 laptops back in December of 2010. I’ve also used many of these

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iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks: Apple is Growing Up

For so long, both iOS and OS X have been known for a comfortable, “human” interface that made you feel emotions whilst using each respective operating system. The original interface for OS X (back when it was Mac OS X) was named

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Predicting iOS 7: What Can We Expect

So, WWDC is coming up in a couple of weeks, Tim Cook just laid down the law at D11, and I gotta say- I’m getting pretty psyched for iOS 7. So, what exactly can we, the users, expect with iOS

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How Damaging Will Google Glass be to Human Communication?

Google Glass is supposed to be the top-notch futuristic way to communicate in the land of tomorrow. It allows you to carry out many functions that are arguably very useful; such as a built-in GPS to help you get around, Google search everywhere,

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Google Glass: Will It Bring Clarity to Our Lives?

Google put a phone in your pocket, maps on your computer, android on your TV, a cheap tablet in your backpack and now they’re trying to take over a new part of your life: your face. Google Glass Explorer is

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Why I Chose an iPod touch Over the Nexus 7

I’ve been playing with tech toys for years, but I’ve always wanted a little device that I always have on me that does everything I need it to do: whether it’s checking my email (most of what I do), posting snide comments

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Thoughts on the “Ubuntu Phone”

Today Canonical made an announcement many of us were excited about, but none of us were expecting. No longer is it just “Ubuntu for Android” (WHICH ISN’T DEAD YET!!!), but now, Canonical has put a fully baked variation on the

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