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Pokemon Trading Card Game Review (GBC)

Everyone had Pokemon cards. Some still have them in a shoebox in their closet. Others gave them to friends, or sold them on eBay. Very few, however, actually learned to play the game. With the original cards, i.e. the Base

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Halo 3: ODST Review (XBOX 360)

There are always great games that, despite upholding the names of blockbuster titles, seem to slip beneath the cracks and lack the attention that they deserve. Perhaps one of the most important examples of such, would be Microsoft’s and Bungie’s

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‘Fall of the Space Core’ mod mixes Portal and Skyrim

Although it isn’t a review, this is just too cool, I couldn’t help but share it. (The Verge) Remember that time you thought it’d be awesome if you could mash up Portal andSkyrim into some epic supergame? Valve does. Exploiting Bethesda’s freshly released Skyrim

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Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Review

Everyone loves Kirby. He’s like the Raymond of the video game world. His squishy cuteness has captivated even the most hardcore gamers. However, his latest series of games seem to have lost the spirit of the original Kirby games, forgoing

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