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Google Drive: Replaces Docs, Doesn’t Replace iCloud

After a few months of annoying user speculation, Google has finally revealed what looks like their competitor to Apple’s iCloud. They call it Google Drive. It’s a full rebranding of Google Docs, now with desktop integration and the ability to

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Samsung Vs. Apple: Really Settled?

Finally, after almost two years of crazy court battles, pointing fingers, allegations of theft, Steve Jobs rolling in his grave, and multiple tablets being pulled off retail store shelves all across the planet, the battle has ended. Apple and Samsung

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Why Isn’t Everyone Using Ubuntu? (Rant)

I’ve been an avid Linux user for many years now, starting with my adoption of Red Hat on my old beige box HP, going down to running Ubuntu 7.04 on my old Gateway 15 inch hunker of a laptop, and

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Google’s Project Glass is the Future of Mobile Technology

I write about technology for many reasons, but one of them that I think is the most important, is that technology is constantly evolving. Sure, it’sĀ frustratingĀ that it evolves so frequently that you may need to replace a product every two

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