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Apple Unveils 16 GB 5th Gen iPod Touch

Ummmmmm wut. I know what you’re thinking… a new iPod?! Why now? Well, WWDC is coming up soon. Also, the old 4th Gen 16 GB model was getting a tad bit stale. Apple apparently realized this too (apparently unlike the rest

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Predicting iOS 7: What Can We Expect

So, WWDC is coming up in a couple of weeks, Tim Cook just laid down the law at D11, and I gotta say- I’m getting pretty psyched for iOS 7. So, what exactly can we, the users, expect with iOS

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Game of the Week: Quinn for OS X

Do you like playing games? Do you like Tetris? Do you like to play games such as Tetris? Don’t you wish Tetris was easily accessible on OS X without the need for Adobe Flash? Well have I got something cool for

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App of the Week: All2MP3 for Mac OS X

Do you download a lot of music? Do you download a lot of your music in methods that are rather… unorthodox? I’m sure you do, you are a human on the internet after all. Well, if you can admit to

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My New Favorite Thing: Klout

Klout is so cool. And so empowering too. For those of you who aren’t aware, the beta service Klout is able to rank your outreach on the internet. What I mean by this is, it ranks your online social influence.

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Game System* Of the Week: The Xbox One

*Instead of the usual Game of the Week, I’ve taken to making today dedicated to talking about Microsoft’s new Xbox One.   Microsoft has a magical way of surprising everyone with a lot of information in a small stretch of time. At

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App of the Week: Scan for iOS and Android

Part of my new series of specialized articles for every day of the week. These articles must be <150 words in length and include full but quick reviews of whatever topic I am dealing with. The schedule is as follows…

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