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Editorial: The Tablet Landscape, Looking Forward

Today Amazon made a bold move indeed. What we had previously thought to be a $250 tablet device inexplicably became fifty dollars cheaper- at $199. There’s just something about the price that is so alluring and all-too-close to impulse buy

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Facebook Timeline: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

On Thursday, Facebook CEO and professional profile stalker Mark Zuckerberg passionately and emotionally announced the future of the world’s largest social network. Facebook has been blessed with a plethora of features that will forever change the way it is used,

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Editorial: HP Without Apotheker

For less than a year Leo Apotheker had joined HP. In less than a year, he successfully destroyed it’s vital pieces. And in less than a year, he cancelled the results of a $1.2 Billion acquisition that had so much potential- all

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Editorial: AppleCare Really Does Come in Handy

2 Years ago, I put down $1400 on a MacBook and some software. The white polycarbonate machine was both durable and less expensive than the pro- and honestly, in 2009 nobody really needed a duel core processor with a clock

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Minecraft 1.8 “Adventure Update” Review

Minecraft; arguably the best sandbox game ever imagined, puts you in a world of blocks to mine, dig, build with, and craft into awesome creations. But, being only in its beta stages, veterans have a hard time finding interest in

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Microsoft’s Xbox Live is Coming to Windows, Here’s a Neat Preview

It’s hard not being a little jealous of Microsoft’s gaming service being available on Windows Phone 7 and the Xbox exclusively. Cry no longer, Live fans! Your day has arrived. Microsoft will be rolling out Xbox Live to Windows 8 with

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Opinion: Apple’s iPod Line is a Total Mess

Almost ten years ago, Apple dipped into the music industry and changed it forever with the revolutionary iPod. Ever since, when we have all thought of tiny mp3 or music players- we’ve thought of iPods. And rightfully so; they produce

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