AMC is Showing The Walking Dead in Black & White RIGHT NOW


Okay, you guys KNOW you wanna see this. The Walking Dead. Black and White. Awesome. Season One. Gonna last all month. Get pumped. Because, you know, it’s the WALKINGFUCKINGDEAD. Check it out on AMC right now.

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Motorola Goes for a Sexier Look


Just a little tidbit from the tech world today: Motorola (or should I say, motorola?) is re-branding. No longer are the sharp and uncomfortably red logo designs are the past- now all these attributes have been traded in for a cooler, smoother, more lowercase design. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s super sexy. 

Source The Verge

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SnapKidz Brings All the Fun of SnapChat to the Little Ones, Albeit Without Online Access


Those youngsters are always looking to get a taste of the fun, now aren’t they? Well, now they finally can. SnapKidz is a brand new feature for those under the age of 13. Apparently, SnapChat trusts that these kids wouldn’t otherwise fake their age and take a risk for the glamour and fun that is the social photo-swapping goodness that makes SnapChat worth it.

The new app allows children under the age of 13 to sign up under youngster accounts and use all of the features of a good ol’ fashioned snap’n without any ability to share the images. They can take pictures, draw obscene things on them, take pictures of obscene things, or anything else most older persons do with the application. I honestly don’t understand why they think this will make any difference, but apparently the company that streamlined sexting really believes in the honesty and integrity of humanity.

Check out the update from the bad boys themselves HERE and be sure to check in daily for the fun interpretations of Max Bleich, technology weirdo.

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iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks: Apple is Growing Up

For so long, both iOS and OS X have been known for a comfortable, “human” interface that made you feel emotions whilst using each respective operating system. The original interface for OS X (back when it was Mac OS X) was named Aqua: named for its distinguished and realistic appearance. Steve Jobs announced it saying “one of the design goals was when you saw it you wanted to lick it” when he introduced it to the world along with OS X Cheetah in 2001. It was a real break from the norm that was OS 9, completely revolutionizing what it was people expected in a desktop operating system.

And it worked for more than a decade before it became stale. For it was the moment that Apple introduced iOS that many Apple fans would become invested in the notion of a total interface upgrade. Such an upgrade would not come, at least, not for a few years.

It is now 2013, and we have seen that Apple is able to growing up. iOS 7 may have some issues, but all in all it is a total step in the right direction. It presents a complete break from the past, while simultaneously building on Apple’s design legacy. Isn’t that the very thing that Steve hoped would happen with Aqua over a decade ago?

And it did. Until Apple had to move on. OS X Mavericks may not have the total iOS 7 interface change, but it is too starting to move on. I wouldn’t be surprised if OS X 10.10 or maybe even OS XI (omg what a thought) makes the same break that iOS 7 does. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have a new model for computing come this time next year.

Either way, by advancing forward and still incorporating some elements of familiarity, Apple has not only ensured the continuity of its legacy, but also inspired change across all levels of OS design. Who will be next? Stay tuned.

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Apple Unveils 16 GB 5th Gen iPod Touch

Screenshot from 2013-05-30 23:22:49Ummmmmm wut. I know what you’re thinking… a new iPod?! Why now? Well, WWDC is coming up soon. Also, the old 4th Gen 16 GB model was getting a tad bit stale. Apple apparently realized this too (apparently unlike the rest of us) and decided that the time came to roll out a younger brother to the 32 GB and 64 GB iPod touch 5th gen models. However, this iPod isn’t like all other iPods. Namely, the new 16 GB model does NOT feature a back camera. It does however feature the same sleek design, same dual-core A5 processing unit, and the same gorgeous 4 inch retina display that made its older siblings look dashing. The new device costs $229- the same old price of the 16 GB iPod touch 4th gen when it was all the rage over a year ago. Check it out, if you want it, in the link below.


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Predicting iOS 7: What Can We Expect

iOS-7So, WWDC is coming up in a couple of weeks, Tim Cook just laid down the law at D11, and I gotta say- I’m getting pretty psyched for iOS 7. So, what exactly can we, the users, expect with iOS 7? Will it be the earth-shattering update we have been waiting for since iOS 4 broke through a few years ago, or will it be more of the same? Here are some of MY predictions for iOS 7. If you don’t like them, you can go away. But please don’t, I like you. We’re still friends right? Okay, let’s get started.

Among everything else I will mention, I really want a new interface. iOS’s current everything-looks-like-it-must-feel design is getting old… very old. The new look, or rather, the Apple look, is sleeker and cleaner than that. I’m really hoping that iOS 7 brings some of that cleanliness to the table, preferably with a completely overhauled design that, although still true to the original, really leaves me satisfied with a user interface. I have not been satisfied with anything since iOS 4 and I need to be happy dammit.

I would really like to see deeper integration with social services in iOS 7. Namely, I’m looking to be able to do MORE than just tweet and post stuff to facebook when I’m bored on my iPod/iPhone/iPad. Please, Apple, give me some deeper integration.

It would be nice if Apple could allow more third-party API access to the OS. I’m getting sick and tired of getting a different experience in every app, and not having the tight integration of things like Chrome and the Gmail app with iOS. I know Apple and Google are in a little four year old girl sissy fight, but the customer comes first, and it’s time I get what I want. I am important ya know.

Finally, something really simple, I want iOS 7 to be faster. Some of us aren’t using the latest and greats Apple technologies (until I get an iPhone I’m rocking a 4th Gen iPod touch with iOS 6) and want to feel supported. I almost feel left out not having the speed that others do. Perhaps the simplification of iOS will lead to this. But we can only hope.

Alright folks, that was my wishlist for iOS 7. If you liked it, drop a comment below. If you didn’t, try to. If you just wanna say hey to your buddy Max who writes you all this cool stuff, tweet at me @thetechtile or drop a comment on my FB page.

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Game of the Week: Quinn for OS X

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.13.12 PM

Do you like playing games? Do you like Tetris? Do you like to play games such as Tetris? Don’t you wish Tetris was easily accessible on OS X without the need for Adobe Flash? Well have I got something cool for you. It’s called Quinn. It’s a really customizable game of Tetris. You play with the keystroke combination you want. You can play at varying speeds. You can play with friends online or around the world. It’s free. What isn’t there to love? Quinn is cool because it launches with relative speed on OS X, takes up very little space, and isn’t annoyingly controlled by the Mac App Store which I hate more than anything else. If anything, it’s just a Tetris clone for OS X. And that is all it should be anyway. Something easy, fast, and fun to use. So give it a whirl in the link below. You’ll be happy you did.


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