April Showers Bring May Announcements

After a lot of thinking, a lot of writing, and a lot of consideration, I have decided to write a novel that will probably total around 150-200 pages. I have written (and never published anywhere) a lot of short stories, poetry, and articles since I began high school in 201-. This time, I’m looking to finish a full-length novel between now and spring of 2014. I have thought about doing something like this for a very long time, and I think that with the summer coming up, as well as a lot of motivation to do so, this is something I can have in the hands of my readers (I want to release this as a kindle book) by fall of 2014. It will be a lot of work, and I’m not exactly sure (although I have many manuscripts lying around on my laptop) what the content will entail. I’ve developed what I consider to be a very Hemingway-like writing style that I have used throughout the last three years, and I’m very excited to put it into book-length.

So please, bare with me with this site. I will be posting here periodically more as I get closer to summer break. However, this will never be the “professional” venture I once tried to make it back in 2011.

Also, for those of you who follow my life, you probably wonder what this silly High School Junior who has been running a website about consumer electronics and is writing a book is looking to do. I once wanted to be an engineer. Maybe even a programmer. But now, after so many people telling me not to, and despite an outlook that nobody can predict, I’m almost certain I want to enter college in 2014 for Secondary Education in Physical Science. That’s right. I’m not looking to be an english major or a journalist. I want to be a teacher. A science teacher. I’m pretty excited for the future, and my last year of high school.

I just wanted to share that, and thank you all. This website never stayed the same. My goals always changed, and a lot of this site has become my personal blog. Well, it is. This is my place to share what I think is cool. It isn’t a consumer electronics news site anymore. TheTechTile, is, and will forever remain, the personal website and archive of Max Bleich. I hope to keep it that way.

The man who runs this place. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a tech junkie- dedicated to reading and writing on technology news every second of my life. When I'm not alive you say? Well, I'll be either reading, listening to the wise words of Bob Dylan or sipping down an ice cold Coca-Cola.

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