Newt Gingrich ‘really puzzled’ by Smartphones

I know, I know. It sounds like a children’s game. Newt Gingrich wants YOU, the American Internet presence, to solve a huge puzzle he’s been banging his head over about: what the hell do we call these here bricks of technology in our pockets? Is it a phone anymore? Not to Newt. Is it a smartphone? Who the hell knows? Do you? Great. Maybe you should tell Newt. ‘Cause he’s not too sure about anything anymore.

All jokes aside, should we have a new classification for these things that were once phones? I mean, you BARELY use it to call people anymore. In fact, most people use it for everything BUT calling. So really, what is this thing? Is it a smartphone, or is it some central computing device that we humans use to communicate?

The world may never know. But Newt is gonna find out. Help him by leaving a comment under the linked-to YouTube video. And remember, when in doubt, just call it a smartphone. Because really, what else could it possibly be?

Source Newt Gingrich on the Internetz

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