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Game Console Price Cuts: PS3, Wii, PSP

With a whole new line of mobile and home consoles coming in 2012, along with many of them already here, it’s easy to see why prices would be cut down to give users a reason to buy last year’s products

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Ocarina of Time: The Best Game of All Time?

As a self proclaimed Zelda fan, it feels wrong not to review this game as my first. As a Nintendo follower, as somebody who has played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, even as a gamer in general, I

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Minecraft: Pocket Addition Now Available on Android Market

After months of waiting (well, about two months since E3) it’s finally available. Addicts rejoice, your fix is here. Minecraft: Pocket Edition- which is essentially a scaled down version of the hit still-in-beta video game is now downloadable off of

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City of Cupertino Releases Detailed Apple Spaceship Pictures

We really wish we could live in this thing, it’s so beautiful. The city of Cupertino, who will be approving Apple’s new building plans for their new spaceship-like campus that’ll be completed in 2015 has released some new pictures of

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The Official Bastion Review

On July 20, 2011, Bastion was released on the XBox Live Arcade by SuperGiant Games as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion. Selling for 1200 Microsoft Points, or $15, this game, nay, work of art is worth every penny.

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Editorial: The Death of Borders Doesn’t Spell the Death of Books

I hear it everyday, all the time and everywhere. They defend it so strongly, and refuse to listen to the truth and the data points and instead rely on their own standards. I’m talking about people who read, and actually,

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Playstation Vita Missing From Holiday Launch in UK, US

Ugh. Even after passing FCC inspection, a UK leak and a promise from Sony themselves, it’s now becoming possible that the Vita will miss holiday launch in both the US and the UK- instead seeing life in Japan. But we

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