Games to Play Before You Die: Portal

Possibly one of the greatest games of all time and one of the most popular is Portal by Valve. The game involves the player jumping into the skin as a female lab rat running around through Aperture Laboratories solving puzzles using a gun that shoots out inter-dimensional holes into walls. The story is simple and pretty clean cut, with only a single player mode available for play. This will run you somewhere from four to five hours, or even shorter for puzzle/FPS masters. Both the graphical elements and atmospheric ones are as good as gaming gets for 2007. As for sound, the music about as awesome as a non-Halo game could be. And, like all Valve titles, the voices are real and amazing. The taunting echoes of the game’s antagonist, GLaDOS are some of the most memorable moments of all time in gaming and really make the title shine. If you wish to pick up this game or simply download it online, it’ll cost you an immense ten dollars- about the price of a double chicken Chipotle burrito and a small soft beverage. The title is available on just about everything under the sun; Macintosh, Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. If you wish to live a long and fullfilling life, do yourself a favor and give this game a try.


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