Happy Independence Day!

To my American readers (I assume the majority), I would like to wish you a very safe and happy independence day. Don’t go blowing off any important body parts or yourself, because that would really suck. Do not forget the reason we celebrate this holiday. On this day we commemorate the struggles and victories of the men who helped shape this country into what it is today- a vast wasteland of media and stupidity. But in all seriousness, this is the only free land, and we should embrace and celebrate our freedoms with the launch of fireworks, the consumption of red meat and of course, the joy of technology. Where is there an iPhone app for simulated fireworks again?


The man who runs this place. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a tech junkie- dedicated to reading and writing on technology news every second of my life. When I'm not alive you say? Well, I'll be either reading, listening to the wise words of Bob Dylan or sipping down an ice cold Coca-Cola.

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