A New Service: Bungie Aerospace

Bungie finally unveiled it’s new venture, Aerospace. No, it’s not a new game or even one game per say. It’s a project created by Bungie to help mobile/social gaming developers launch great titles through financial, PR/Marketing, Community and Testing support. By doing this, bungie hopes to be able work not just on their titles, but HELP other independent developers make their creations great. In other Bungie-related news, big details about their next universe will be revealed on Bungie Day (7/7/11). The fantastic day of celebration, real cake and fun will also include a Halo steak off. “You steak us, we steak you”- literallly. Bungie will be providing players who beat them in Halo Reach Matchmaking via a specific playlist (following certain conditions available on their site) will be sent a real beefy beef steak made from USDA choice beef.


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